Night Flyer
Rain Kazymerchyk Art in Metal

Night Flyer

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Many years ago, when I lived in Florida, I volunteered at the LaGuardar Wildlife Rehab Centre. I was privileged to work with many birds of prey including several species of owls. This little owl is my tribute to those beautiful creatures.

As a personal symbol, the owl reminds us to be strong when navigating difficulties or darkness in our life.

As a creature of the night, the Owl is often regarded as a gatekeeper to other realms, particularly for the souls of the dead. In some stories, owls accompany a soul, so it doesn’t get lost on its journey. A beautiful symbol to remember a passed loved one.

This Sterling silver owl pendant can be purchase alone or on an adjustable length (16, 18, 20 inch) chain.

A donation will be made to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Centre from the proceeds of each sale.
Please check out their website at to learn about the wonderful work they do helping wild birds in this area

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